Creative Uses of Artificial Grass Installations in Kansas City

When it comes to commercial and residential applications, numerous artificial grass installations have been used to turn an otherwise dull, dreary and dowdy backyard or business facility into something that looks sleek, relaxing and, above all, natural. A world away from the primitive fake grass lawn products of yesteryear, the high-tech SYNLawn of Kansas City synthetic turf installations of today are perfect for turning an uninteresting location into a fun backyard golf putting green, or perhaps a relaxing spot at your place of work that gives you the opportunity to unwind and forget about your office-based woes for a while.

The most popular stereotype about artificial grass installations is that they are mostly only used for large golf courses located around the world that want to save money by reducing their future maintenance costs. However, there are actually many more creative ways to use synthetic lawns, such as the following:

Artificial Grass Rooftops, Patios and Deck Areas

Artificial lawns are the perfect solution if you live in a suburban area that does not have room for a front garden or backyard. For example, many large apartment complexes have started to install synthetic turf around their rooftops, patios and decks areas. What could be better than getting home from a hard day at work and taking off your shoes and socks to feel the soft, soothing artificial turf material beneath your bare feet? For those living in built-up housing areas that can’t have a yard, synthetic turf lets you enjoy the look and feel of a spongy, luxurious lawn in a personal garden you can call your own!

Synthetic Turf Backyard Pet Runs

SYNLawn of Kansas City is proud to offer its artificial grass products to homeowners who own pets that adore spending time playing outside in the fresh air. Unfortunately, in many U.S. states, dangerous critters like scorpions, snakes and javelinas make it impossible for your cat or dog to leave the confines of your home unaccompanied. However, with a backyard synthetic grass installation, your furry friends can run around to their heart’s content safely in a custom pet run that you have constructed yourself. At SYNLawn, we love the fact that our products offer pets everywhere the chance to run free, get some exercise, and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Commercial Artificial Grass Uses:

As mentioned above, our high quality synthetic commercial applications are becoming increasingly widespread in the business world, especially in office break rooms. Furthermore, not only have rooftop grass installations grown in popularity within the hospitality industry and entertainment-related venues, but artificial turf can also be found in world-renowned Las Vegas hotels like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Venetian. In addition, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York uses faux grass throughout its celebrated 38th floor terrace. Lavish locations such as these are indisputably improved by a subtle touch of luscious jade greenery.

At SYNLawn of Kansas City, our first-rate artificial grass products can be used for the following areas:

  • Driveways, front gardens, and backyard lawns
  • Rooftop balconies, patio terraces, and decks
  • Outdoor barbecue spots
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Backyard pet runs
  • Backyard golf practice putting greens
  • Backyard play areas for children

If you are interested in learning more about the superlative synthetic grass applications and artificial turf putting golf greens that SYNLawn offers, or if you would like to request free samples or an installation estimate for your own property, please contact us online or call (816) 886-2747 today!