Synthetic Grass Cleaning Services in Kansas City

SYNLawn® is the leading name is synthetic grass products, and we are proud to announce that we now have the ability to clean synthetic turf sports fields as well. Our athletic fields are a favorite of sports complexes in search of durable, great looking and long-lasting synthetic sports surfaces, and our synthetic turf cleaning abilities promise to keep these fields at their best for even longer.

SYNLawn®’s synthetic turf cleaning services can renew and revitalize the life of your artificial turf in a timely and easy fashion. Here’s how it works:

  • Decrease Compaction – our state-of-the-art turf cleaning machine penetrates the playing surface in order to loosen and level the infill, decreasing compaction in the process while increasing the surface drainage performance.
  • Rotary Brush vacuuming – this process loosens dirt and dust particles that have attached themselves to the fiber and infill. Loose fibers and infill are captured by the vacuum and passed through a filtration system, as are other items including athletic equipment debris, leaves, dust, lint, human hair, etc.
  • Grooming – we then pull specially-designed brushes across the surface, lifting the fibers into a more upright orientation. By doing so, we can maximize fiber lifespan while enhancing your field’s overall appearance
  • Metal removal —  We use a magnet attached to our SMG to remove ferrous metal objects from the field; such as hairpins, bolts, nails, nuts and cleats.
  • We also offer turf repairs and disinfectants at an additional charge
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The SMG SportChamp, the leading machine in the world market, is the solution for the maintenance of different synthetic sport surfaces within a sports facility. We also have the ability to use different attachments, which allows us to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the cleaning and maintenance of specific synthetic sport surfaces.

At the end of the day you want your athletic playing surface to look its very best. Nobody does artificial grass quite like SYNLawn®, and our turf cleaning services promise to carry on that tradition.

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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