Artificial Pet Turf Kansas City Residents Love

Your Furry Friends Will Love SYNLawn’s Artificial Pet Turf!

SYNLawn® of Kansas City’s top priority is being committed to caring for you and your pets. We get it – your pet is part of the family! Just like every family is unique, your pets all have individual needs, too. Whether you have an active dog who loves to run around the yard and play endless games of fetch, an outdoor cat who occasionally naps under the summer sun and birdwatches from the bushes, or even a parrot that enjoys fluffing its feathers during a relaxing breeze, we have the artificial pet grass to meet their needs!

Every pet turf installation from SYNLawn Kansas City is designed to accommodate pets from all corners of the earth, no matter the type, size, or breed of the animal! Whether you have just one spoiled pet or a whole house full of rescues, we have durable, pet-friendly turf options for you.

There are several advantages to choosing one of SYNLawn Kansas City’s realistic artificial grass pet systems over natural grass! From deterring bugs and rodents to getting rid of muddy paws for good, there are countless reasons Kansas City residents love our pet safe artificial grass!
Benefits of Our Artificial Pet Turf Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Our Pet Turf is 100% Natural and Listed as Organic
  • Perfectly Shade Matches Brown Thatch in Artificial Grass
  • Every Pet Turf Installation Cuts Down on Lawn Maintenance Costs
  • Safe and Comfortable for Both Kids and Pets
  • Strong Odor Absorption Rate Blasts Away Unpleasant Smells
  • Perfectly Matches Brown Thatch in Artificial Grass
  • Will Not Clog Turf Drainage Holes So You’re Yard is Always Ready to Go
  • Eight-Year Warranty Against Deterioration Guarantees Long-Lasting Results

With all these advantages, EnviroFill® is truly the preferred infill for pet owners. EnviroFill® is both environmentally friendly and safe for both pets and people. Contact us today to learn more about EnviroFill® and if it is right for your synthetic lawn.

Our Pet Safe Artificial Grass is Perfect for Animals of All Shapes and Sizes
SYNLawn® of Kansas City’s artificial grass is safe for all animals, including dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits, and even exotic pets like macaws! Our experts will work with you to find the right grass for your pet’s needs. We offer the best quality products in the industry to keep your yard looking green and beautiful year-round – even with heavy pet use.

Personalize Your Pet Turf Installation to Fit Your Kansas City Home’s Unique Needs

Many pet owners like to take advantage of our various upgrade options to help get the most out of their new artificial pet turf installation. These packages include organic odor control to help neutralize the smell of pet waste, a security package to guard against dogs that like to dig or chew, and a rodent control package to keep varmints and pests far from your yard. Our upgrades help keep your pets safe, healthy, and happy.

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Treat your pet to the best artificial grass in the industry! Contact SYNLawn Kansas City today to learn more about the realistic-looking artificial pet grass options we have to offer. You’ll love the additional benefits that come with each turf installation. Plus, after endless playtime on the new turf, your pets will thank you!

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Instead of fussing around mowing the lawn on a weekend our artificial landscape turf is virtually maintenance free.

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Our Pet Grass Products

SYNLawn Pet Platinum

SKU: ST343_Pets | Total Weight: 80 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

The ultimate artificial grass designed for pets of all shapes and sizes. With maximum drainage built-in, cleanup is a breeze. Ultra-durable Super Yarn™ construction eliminates digging, brown spots, and other common problems found in backyards and pet facilities.

SYNLawn Pet Platinum

SYNLawn Pet Premium

SKU: SAX47_Pets | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Excellent durability, max drainage, anti-static, and Sanitized® technology make this artificial grass ideal for pet play and agility areas for animals of all sizes. Easy to clean and beautiful year-round make this the perfect pet grass for residential and commercial applications.

SYNLawn Pet Premium

SYNAugustine X47

SKU: SAX47 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

Weighing in at 100-oz, this grass variety rises above the competition with its unmatched softness and durability. Multi-color Super Yarn™ grass blade technology and a dense thatch combine to offer a leading contender in its weight class.

SYNAugustine X47

SYNBlue X48

SKU: SBX48 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

At 100-ounces, this heavyweight offers lush aesthetics with superior softness and stability. Economically engineered to be easy on the wallet while retaining the quality and performance you’d come to expect from a product backed with a lifetime warranty.

SYNBlue X48

SYNMeadow X47

SKU: SMX47 | Total Weight: 120 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

This revolutionary product shows amazingly out of the box packing a whopping 120oz of face fiber for the lushest, most luxurious looking landscape ever. Sure to wow residential and commercial customers, the look and feel are phenomenal.

SYNMeadow X47

SYNZoysia X49

SKU: SZX49 | Total Weight: 100 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty*

At a whopping 100-ounce face weight, this artificial turf rises above the competition with unmatched durability and softness. Combining multi-color grass blades and dense thatch this grass sits at the top of its weight class.

SYNZoysia X49