The Eco-Friendly Benefits of a Synthetic Turf Installation in Kansas City

These days, countless homeowners all over the United States are searching for effective ways to spend less money, especially when it comes to time-consuming and/or ongoing tasks related to home maintenance and backyard upkeep. As a result, many people think about whether a residential synthetic turf or artificial grass installation is a good idea for their property. In fact, since the knowledge and expertise involved in the design and construction of synthetic grass applications have considerably advanced since the creation of primitive fake grass products of the sixties and seventies, SYNLawn’s artificial turf has been installed many times in and around Kansas City, and our installations are on the rise throughout the nation! Our mission at SYNLawn is to create high quality faux grass products that leave the fake lawns of yesteryear in the dust.

The most important things that come into play with synthetic lawns are their many eco-friendly benefits. Here are the three most popular reasons why homeowners consider a residential artificial turf installation.

No More Lawn Mowing!

Fortunately, one of the most obvious positive aspects regarding synthetic lawn applications is that the grass never needs to be cut! You won’t have to buy lawn mower fuel ever again, which saves you money in the long run, as well as allows you freedom from the numerous thankless hours you would normally spend mowing your lawns. Furthermore, an artificial grass installation may even outlast natural lawns that start thinning, yellowing, or drying out due to extreme weather conditions. Regardless of if you mow the grass every week or only once per month, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your artificial turf will always look immaculate. This means you can spend more time with your family while your jealous neighbors walk up and down their yards mowing the grass and working up a sweat! Just imagine the amount of backbreaking maintenance you will avoid with a synthetic lawn area that does not involve tiresome weeding, sodding, trimming or edging chores.

No More Harmful Chemicals!

Since an artificial lawn installation looks and feels just like its natural counterpart but without the use of harmful chemical products, homeowners with children and pets feel much more at ease seeing their family running around and playing on synthetic turf areas as opposed to real grass. Using costly, toxin-filled fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and weed killers in order to maintain and preserve a natural lawn’s aesthetic appeal is an obvious downside to owning real grass, given that any type of associated pollution may impact the health and wellbeing of your family as well as negatively contribute to the environment over time. A perfect lawn that continually looks stunning – without the use of chemicals – is a dream come true to homeowners everywhere.

No More Water Wastage!

In Kansas City, synthetic turf installations have a great reputation for being environmentally friendly because they require almost no watering. You may not be aware, but the Environmental Protection Agency reports that U.S. households collectively use more than seven billion gallons of water each day for outdoor purposes. Therefore, an artificial grass installation can help to significantly reduce your home’s water usage while at the same time encourage water conservation. In this day and age, faux lawns are designed and constructed to drain surplus liquid faster than real grass, which means that artificial lawns will always look well-manicured, plus there is less chance of pesky puddles forming after an extended rainfall. With a SYNLawn of Kansas City artificial grass installation, you can actively decrease your water bill expenses and also help to save water on a global scale.

From the time when synthetic turf was originally mass manufactured, numerous technological advances in the fake lawn industry have helped to construct an unmatched product that effortlessly resembles the gorgeous look and feel of real grass, but thankfully without the tedious, expensive and exhausting upkeep! No matter the size of your backyard, our expert synthetic lawn installation team can create and install a customized artificial grass area or backyard golf putting green for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. To request free SYNLawn samples and estimates, please contact us online or call (816) 886-2747 today!