At SYNLawn Kansas City, we offer specially engineered synthetic pet grass to help prevent pests and muddy paws in Kansas City, MO. Pets add so much joy to everyday life, and having our artificial pet grass on your residential or commercial property can help add even greater joy for both you and them. Despite this inevitable joy, pets, like dogs, usually come with their share of challenging situations. Often, these challenges come from the outdoors. So whether you are worried about your dog being bothered by fleas and ticks or your cat tracking muddy pawprints across your new carpet, synthetic pet grass is an exceptional solution for these problems and more in Kansas City, MO.

Preventing Pests and Their Health Threats

Pests like fleas and ticks are a common problem for pets, pet owners, and pet businesses, and they can be a serious issue since both can spread dangerous diseases. For example, ticks can spread diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, among others, while fleas can cause anemia, contact dermatitis, and Bartonellosis. They can also spread tapeworms between pets and even to humans. In addition to the health threats they carry, fleas can be an especially frustrating problem since they reproduce quickly and can transfer from pet to pet and even to humans.

For the safety of your pets and yourself, it’s crucial to do everything you can to prevent these pests from finding your pets. Since ticks and fleas like to live in grass, especially long grass, when your pet goes outside, it can pick up ticks or fleas on its coat. You can help lessen the chances of this by keeping your grass mowed and the edges along buildings and fences trimmed down. However, even doing this is unlikely to eliminate these pests from your yard.

At SYNLawn Kansas City, we offer a better solution: our artificial pet grass. Its synthetic nature means that pests find it uninviting. As such, they are unlikely to hide in it – since there is no moisture or organic matter on which they can feed.

Mosquitoes and aphids are two other pests you can expect fewer of when you have our artificial turf in Kansas City, MO. Our synthetic pet grass is even unattractive for other small animals as well, such as squirrels and raccoons. Rodents like these can transport ticks and fleas into your yard, even after you have sprayed for pests. But with artificial grass, they are likely to stay away!

dog sitting on artificial grass

No More Muddy Pawprints

If you have a dog, you know what it’s like to let them outside in the rain – or shortly after while the ground is still wet. Your pup goes outside, does its business, maybe runs around the yard a bit, and then comes back inside with wet, muddy paws.

If you are lucky, you can train your dog to stop inside the doorway and let you wipe off its paws. But wouldn’t it be easier to just eliminate the source of the problem — namely, the muddy ground?

With artificial pet turf from SYNLawn Kansas City, the backing prevents access to the soil underneath, helping to keep your pet’s paws clean while enjoying a soft, inviting surface. No matter how much it has rained, the most you have to worry about is potentially wet paws, not mud. Plus, it does not hurt that it helps keep your shoes cleaner as well.

No More Holes in Your Yard

Does your dog like to dig holes in your yard? Digging is a common cause of muddy paws and tracks in your house. If it has recently rained, those paws get even muddier after digging. And the muddy paws are only part of the issue! You also have holes in your yard that you have to fill in again. And those refilled holes are then bare, and you have to replant grass in those spots if you want a full lawn again.

Fortunately, by switching to our artificial pet grass in Kansas City, MO, you can avoid these situations. The backing of our synthetic pet turf can withstand your dog’s claws and prevent it from digging muddy holes all over your yard. This helps solve the problem of both muddy pawprints and holes in your yard! It also helps keep your lawn looking beautiful!

dog sitting nicely on artificial grass from SYNLawn

Synthetic Pet Grass From SYNLawn Kansas City Helps Solve Problems!

If you are ready to help keep your pets, your property, and yourself safer from insects and mud, then consider installing artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Kansas City on your residential or commercial property in Kansas City, MO. With it, you can more easily avoid pests, muddy paws, and so much more! So contact us today to get a quote!