shutterstock_124552840When it comes to choosing the best artificial lawn for your Kansas City home, SYNLawn of Kansas City understands you have many factors to consider and many different companies to choose from. Choice is, after all, the backbone of American values. This is why SYNLawn of Kansas City strives to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by developing a better product, offering better service, and ultimately providing our customers with a better experience when it comes to improving their homes.

Recyclable Materials
SYNLawn uses coal ash to add strength and dimensional stability while incorporating post-manufacturing waste into our products. The final grass product is itself recyclable after it has served its purpose in your yard. Long-lasting grass is capable of helping the planet while looking great in the meantime!

Soy Backing
Recent innovations have allowed us to create our “greenest” grass ever! More than 70 percent of the petroleum-based polyol used in traditional artificial grass has been replaced with a bio-based polyol made from soybean plants. This means a more eco-friendly grass for your yard and peace of mind knowing you are doing your part to help save the planet.

100 Percent Nylon Fibers
Nylon is 40 percent more resilient and 33 percent stronger than materials like polyethylene used by our competitors. This means our grass is crush-resistant and is capable of standing up to heavy use. Not only do our grass fibers stand up to the test of time, they are also 100 percent lead safe! Our products exceed the expectations of all federal and state lead restrictions to create grass that is as safe as the water your family drinks. Children, pets and houseguests can enjoy the yard worry-free.

Customer Service
Our experts are well versed in realistic artificial grass, as well as different products that might benefit your lawn and enhance your turf maintenance efforts. Artificial grass cleaner can be purchased from our conveniently-located Kansas City showroom to ensure your lawn remains pristine at all times. Professional grass installation is also available to give you an expertly laid lawn right from the start.

Don’t settle for cheap imitation grass – call SYNLawn and experience superior artificial turf for residential areas. The lush, natural-looking grass will beckon your family to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine in style. Contact us today to learn more about improving your yard with the most innovative brand on the market.