Dogs will be dogs, but your backyard doesn’t have to suffer for it. Residential yards in Kansas City are full of hazards for pets: disease-ridden pests, poor drainage and the temptation to dig can harm to your beloved family dog or cat. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on pets while they explore the great outdoors, but SYNLawn artificial grass provides Kansas City residents with additional safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable playtime experience even if your furry friends happen to wander out of sight.

We can’t guarantee dirt and mud will stay out of your home forever, but it won’t be coming from your artificial turf installation. Your pets will love the natural look and feel of SYNLawn artificial grass – without the mess. Even after heavy rainfall, superior drainage systems and innovative technology keeps your grass usable.

Repels Pests
Synthetic lawns repel Kansas and Missouri pests and create an inhospitable environment for fleas and ticks that carry disease. Get rid of unsanitary bugs and turn your yard into a safe place for both people and pets with an artificial grass installation that is as safe as it is beautiful.

Did you know dog breeds with white fur are more prone to allergies and skin sensitivities? Dogs experience allergy symptoms much the same way people do: with watery eyes, runny noses and itchy skin. Cut grass is one of the biggest allergens both for people and pets. Save your dog from a miserable allergy season by investing in Kansas and Missouri’s best realistic artificial grass.

Dogs love to dig. Whether they are hiding bones or trying to escape the yard, digging is a destructive habit that can damage natural grass and actually create a trip-and-fall hazard for unsuspecting houseguests. There’s no need to pretend you have gophers; install SYNLawn of Kansas City’s artificial grass for a Kansas or Missouri yard you will be proud to show off! Additional security features deter digging and keep your pet at home where they belong.

Artificial pet grass can be cleaned simply by spraying down the surface with a hose. Artificial grass cleaners are available as well to ensure your grass stays beautiful all year long. SYNLawn artificial grass has a drainage rate of 30” per hour, so your yard remains usable even after heavy rain or cleaning.

Pets are unpredictable. You might think your pet is trained to stay in the yard or to avoid digging, but dogs are genetically coded to want to dig and chase other animals. They aren’t trying to be difficult – they simply can’t help it. Look out for your pet’s safety with Kansas City’s best artificial pet turf. Complete our contact form for free samples and estimates from pet turf installation experts!