Owning a beautiful outdoor space can be one of the many keys to success for businesses in Kansas City, MO, and at SYNLawn Kansas City, our commercial artificial grass landscaping is available to help! Our exceptional synthetic surfacing solution can easily help improve the outdoor aesthetics of businesses, establishing a beautiful and consistent look all year round. Find out more about how our commercial artificial turf can aid your business in Kansas City, MO today!

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Various types of businesses all across Kansas City, Kansas, and Missouri rely on their outdoor aesthetics to help attract and retain customers. So having consistent curb appeal can be a priority for many of them!

Yet, one area where curb appeal can become less than ideal is with conventional grass landscaping. No matter how hard a business owner or groundskeeper may try, traditional grass is undeniably unreliable. Even with persistent upkeep, it can turn brown, become patchy, develop holes, or die off, especially as winter approaches.

Fortunately, at SYNLawn Kansas City, our team offers a solution!

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How Our Commercial Artificial Grass Can Help Improve Aesthetics

Commercial artificial grass from us at SYNLawn Kansas City is available for installation to create beautiful, consistently green landscaping for businesses in Kansas City, MO. Our commercial synthetic turf can aid in this endeavor due to two factors: its realism and consistency.

Unlike the inferior faux grass from other companies, our industry-leading commercial artificial grass is ultra-realistic. In doing so, it artfully captures the look and feel of the best traditional grass surfaces. This makes it a pleasure to not only admire from afar but up close as well.

Our commercial synthetic turf also offers something that conventional grass surfaces cannot, which is consistency. While traditional grass grows and dies off, our commercial artificial grass maintains a perfectly manicured, lush, and green look. This look even holds up against several forms of wear and tear, including foot traffic and snow.

So if dependable and beautiful outdoor aesthetics is what you are after, our commercial artificial turf is up for the task!

Other Benefits Our Artificial Grass for Businesses Has to Offer

By retaining a consistent appearance, our commercial synthetic grass inherently offers businesses multiple benefits. Of these, one of the most notable is the lack of maintenance it requires.

With standard grass landscaping, business owners are forced to worry about upkeep responsibilities, such as trimming it with a mower, watering it, utilizing fertilizer, and so much more. If they do not, the grass will die off and harm the outdoor aesthetics of their business.

Thankfully, with its consistent look and synthetic build, our commercial artificial turf needs little to no maintenance. All it may need is an occasional cleaning much like any other surface or the use of a leaf blower to help keep leaves off of it in the fall. As a result, our commercial artificial grass provides both time and cost-saving benefits for businesses in Kansas City, MO.

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Applications for Commercial Artificial Grass in Kansas City, MO

At SYNLawn Kansas City, our commercial synthetic grass can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from landscaping to lawns and so much more. Some of the many businesses who benefit from these applications include:


  • Shopping centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Office parks
  • Restaurants
  • And more!

Our team also works with several contractors and landscapers throughout Kansas City, Kansas, and Missouri. So if you offer artificial turf installation services for businesses, consider our industry-leading commercial synthetic grass for your projects!

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If you own a commercial property in Kansas City, Kansas, or Missouri, and you want to improve your outdoor aesthetics, commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Kansas City is available for purchase and installation. Our top-notch commercial artificial turf is highly realistic and consistently beautiful, making it a perfect addition for commercial landscaping. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote!