Close-up view of empty red swing with silver chain in front of boy the other swingPlay is part of who we are. Children spend the day learning in the classroom, but what they really look forward to is recess when they can go on the swings or hang from the monkey bars with friends. Imagine how much greater their joy would be if they could do the same in their own backyard! Well-designed playgrounds promote social skills and self-esteem, and even stimulate brain development. Designing the perfect playground does more than just give your child a fun place to spend time – it builds foundations for the future. Here are our tips to create such a space.

Consider the age of your child. Younger children need shorter slides and swings with a full seat to prevent falls. The National Program for Playground Safety has a set of guidelines for age-appropriate playground design you may want to consider before committing to one particular layout.

Online playground planners can help you visualize how the area will look once it is complete. Play With a Purpose offers a free playground planner tool that allows you to pick your budget, the size of your space, natural elements, shade, and other details to make sure your child’s playground is perfect.

Your child might also have their own preferences about what they want. When in doubt, ask your child! Some playground planning companies like KaBoom! actually ask children to draw pictures of what they want in a playground. The concepts and colors your child incorporates into their drawing will be integrated into your custom play system.

Safety is the most important element of any new playground. Choose swing sets and playground equipment based on safety ratings. Look for metal screws that might get hot in the summer, sharp edges, high ledges, and uneven surfaces that could cause children to trip and fall.

Be choosy about the surfacing you pick for the playground area; gravel is abrasive and natural grass doesn’t provide a lot of shock absorption in the event of a fall. Some families turn to rubber without realizing it does not hold up well to the changing seasons. Our artificial grass has IPEMA and CSA-approved fall attenuation for falls up to 10-feet, which means children can play on a cushioned, non-abrasive surface. Whether your child is a runner, a climber or a slide enthusiast, it is critical to have safe, forgiving surfaces so they can enjoy playtime without injuries.

Look for durable playground surfaces and structures that can not only stand up to your child (and their friends) playing every day, but also to the changing seasons. Our artificial turf stands up to the changing seasons in Kansas City. We even offer SYNLawn’s signature TrampleZones™ for high traffic areas. These TrampleZones™ can be removed and easily replaced within the warranty period for grass that looks nice year-round.

Professional athletes trust artificial grass to help prevent sports injuries. Wouldn’t you want the same kind of protection for your child’s playground? Request a free consultation today and learn more about what artificial turf can do for your child’s play experience.