Build the perfect man cave with a veriaty of entertainment optionsThe man cave is a sacred space. This is a spot designated specifically for watching sports, working out, fixing things, and hanging with the guys. It’s a place free of rules and inhibitions. We believe it is important for each spouse to have their own special place to retreat in the home, but the man cave will always hold a special place in our hearts because of its classic feel. Despite a few modern updates here and there, the contents of a man cave are fairly predictable and easy to replicate. Here are just a few suggestions for building your very own man cave – with a few updates to take it to the next level:

Get into the Game

Make sure your man cave has a big-screen television and ample seating to sit and watch your favorite games. After all, football isn’t the only sport around; golf, hockey, tennis, and soccer deserve their own audience, too! While you’re at it, install a surround sound system with high-quality speakers. This is the best way to drown out the world and make it feel like you and your buddies are actually at the game.

Build a Bar

A man cave is supposed to be a place of convenience. Keep all your favorite drinks and snacks in a bar with a mini fridge by the TV. Store everything you need to make your favorite drinks and impress your friends with your ability to make the perfect martini – shaken, not stirred.


Your man cave is about fun! Custom indoor putting greens can help dress up the space and give you something fun to do when the guys come over. SYNLawn Kansas City offers realistic artificial golf grass for Kansas City residents. For narrow areas, we offer tee lines that go into a net to prevent damage to other furniture in the space. This is a popular, low-maintenance option for those who want to perfect their short game between seasons.


Consider soundproofing or additional insulation as part of your master plan, especially if you were successful in your search for a surround sound system. Man caves often occupy an unused space of the house, like the basement or garage, where insulation and soundproofing were not originally a priority. Evaluate your space and determine whether excessive noise would bother your neighbors or spouse. If the answer is yes, consider this an investment in preserving the peace.


You don’t have to become a professional interior designer to make your man cave look good. Choose three colors that go well together (we recommend neutral earth tones) and keep these colors in mind when you select a couch, rug and surfacing. Dark wood is always a good choice for dignified looking furniture. Consider a glass-topped coffee table that doesn’t require coasters and is easy to clean to avoid mess later. If you want your space to double as a gym, clear a corner away from the TV for dumbbells, a bench press and other equipment.

With the right amount of planning, a man cave can be completed in a fairly short amount of time. The key is to upgrade your space so it’s not just an average room. Make sure the space is designed just for you with your needs in mind. Options like custom indoor putting greens or a fully stocked bar can take your man cave to the next level. Click or call today to speak with an artificial grass representative who can help make your dreams of the perfect upgraded man cave come true. After all: an investment in your man cave is an investment in your happiness.