Why Kansas City HOA’s Love Artificial Grass

 Kansas City neighborhood with beautiful green artificial lawns Kansas City residents have more control over the exterior of their homes than ever before because homeowner’s associations have begun to embrace artificial grass landscaping features. In fact, artificial grass was once not allowed on many lawns. Now, HOAs have come to see the many benefits of artificial landscape design and allow installation. From eco-friendly features to stunning curb appeal. It’s a great way to make your home look beautiful – and maintain property values in your neighborhood.


We’re proud to offer homeowners an environmentally-friendly alternative to real grass. The synthetic materials we use to create our lawn systems require no water to maintain a beautiful appearance. This means you can eliminate almost all of your outdoor water use. While your monthly water bill lowers, so will your use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. This helps keep your community water supply free from toxins and it will also help keep your family safer when they use the lawn.

Fewer Disturbances

The last thing you want to hear on a Saturday morning is the sound of a lawn mower running at your neighbor’s house. Tending to a real lawn is not only time consuming, but it’s loud. Between mowing, trimming edges and watering schedules, lawn maintenance can be distracting to neighbors. SYNLawn artificial grass systems require little to no maintenance at all, which translates to peaceful mornings. When more residents install fake grass at their home, the entire neighborhood benefits.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When you’re busy pursuing your passions, you shouldn’t have to worry about how your lawn looks. At the same time, no one wants to walk through their neighborhood and see brown spots, weeds or uneven surface. Our expert installers create breathtaking landscape designs that will not only transform your home, but also create a more welcoming community as a whole. We can help match our colors and thickness of the lawn to other homes in the area to create a seamless look that will never seem out of place. Our natural-looking grass is a great way to complement other lawns and living landscape elements.

Safe for Families

SYNLawn offers families a unique way to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Our goal is to create a space where everyone can safely use the lawn – even pets and children. Our pet systems have odor-controlling crystals, high drainage rates, and it can withstand damage from even the most playful pups. Keep your children safe while playing, too. Our playground systems can be installed in residential areas so children always have a safe place to land. These innovative products meet IPEMA standards and prevent injuries from falls as high as 10 feet. A safer place to play for kids means peace of mind for parents.

Talk to your homeowner’s association about including artificial grass in your development plans. It offers the entire neighborhood a visually-pleasing landscape that is eco-friendly and long-lasting. To learn more about installation and landscape design, contact us today for a free quote!