Maintaining a natural grass lawn is hard work. Mowing, watering, weeding, trimming, and seeding are tedious tasks that require large amounts of money and time. Kansas City homeowners can find their solution in SYNLawn synthetic grass installation! Taking care of an artificial lawn is simple and cost-effective. Enjoy your outdoor area all-year-long without having to worry about upkeep or seasonal maintenance. 

Save time and money!

By installing synthetic grass, you will be able to significantly lower the amount you spend on outdoor maintenance each month. Since SYNLawn Kansas City artificial grass features a state-of-the-art drainage system, any moisture that could potentially water-log the grass or cause brown patches will be removed almost as soon as it lands. This will eliminate the need for costly repairs. You will also be able to save on your water and electricity bills as synthetic grass does not require any mowing or watering to stay healthy and look beautiful. 

Enjoy the summer months with your family and friends without having to spend hours trimming or weeding your lawn. With artificial grass, you will be able to use the time you would be spending maintaining a natural lawn on planning barbecues in your backyard or taking care of other important tasks around the house! Say goodbye to dedicating hours to tending to your natural grass and install our no-fuss synthetic grass. 

Keep your synthetic grass in the best shape with these simple tasks:

  • Remove debris from your lawn. Picking up items like branches, leaves, and other debris from your synthetic grass will help to keep your lawn looking pristine. Sharp objects can harm the blades of your artificial lawn, so make sure you are removing those as well. 
  • Give your lawn a quick rinse. Hosing off your lawn every so often will wash away any pet waste or leftover substances on your grass and help your grass to maintain its vibrant, emerald green color. Then let the water drain almost immediately thanks to our state-of-the-art drainage system. 
  • Fluff the blades. To prevent your grass from falling flat, give your lawn a fluff with a stiff, natural-bristle broom. 

Add value to your backyard and improve your quality of life with SYNLawn Kansas City installation! Save precious time and money on unnecessary maintenance tasks and enjoy the season with your family. Contact us today for a free, design consultation!