Any parent’s main concern when installing a playground in their backyard is safety. The best way to ensure your kid’s protection when playing outside is to install artificial turf in your Kansas City home. Our synthetic grass has shock absorbent technology that cushions falls from as high as 10 feet. Our excellent drainage system prevents slips as well as skinned knees and splinters since our products are much more soft and safe than woodchips and gravel.

Artificial grass is cleaner

Kansas City playgrounds see a lot of love year-round so keeping the area around your play area clean is crucial. Due to our state-of-the-art drainage system, muddy puddles and waterlogged areas won’t form in your backyard. Our system drains moisture up to 45-90 gallons per hour. Even after a rain shower, your kids will be able to play outside safely and won’t track dirty footprints into the house. A cleaner play surface means cleaner kids and, in turn, means a cleaner home!

Artificial grass is healthier

Kansas City artificial lawns are allergen-free and non-toxic, so your kiddos will be able to breathe easily while playing outside. Grass pollen is eliminated leaving your children symptom free. Artificial grass doesn’t require harmful pesticides or fertilizers either so your kids will be safer and so will the environment!

Artificial Grass is softer 

Our products include a Fall Pad® Underlayment System that cushions falls from up to 10 feet. You can trust that your kids will be safe from injuries while swinging from the monkey bars. Your pet will also be able to run and roll around home-free on your artificial lawn. They’ll love how soft and comfortable the turf will feel.

Artificial grass is prettier

Nothing beats the look of a pristine, emerald backyard. Your play area will always be green and inviting no matter how much your kiddos run around and play on it. Loose materials like sand, wood chips, and mulch shift out of place while your artificial grass will stay put and looking beautiful.

Artificial Grass is the safest option

No matter the season, your kids will be protected and supported by our artificial grass. With our EnviroLoc ® and HeatBlock ® Technologies, our turf is always a safe temperature for playtime. Synthetic turf is the only playground surface that provides consistent safety standards in high traffic areas, in any weather condition, at any height, and under all types of play equipment. Not to mention, the look of stunning, green grass all year long.

Create a safe and beautiful play area for your family! Contact us today for a consultation!