Picture this: you and your family are enjoying the sunshine in your Kansas City backyard on a nice, summer day when a swarm of bugs ruins your relaxation. This may be a reality if you currently have natural grass in your home. With artificial grass, pests will no longer be a problem. Our artificial turf repels ticks, so your afternoon sun basks won’t be rudely interrupted by any unwanted visitors. One of the many benefits of installing artificial grass is that it virtually eliminates the most common pests. 

Eliminates their food source 

Bugs are drawn to your yard because there are things to munch on like dirt, grass blades, and leaves. Installing synthetic grass in your Kansas City backyard will eliminate the buffet of organic matter that is so attractive to pests. Artificial turf will dramatically reduce the number of bugs and critters that hang around your yard. Clearing leaves from fallen trees is much simpler with artificial grass as well. Simply hose off your turf or rake the leaves from the bristles with ease. 

Eliminates standing water 

Pests are drawn to standing water and if you aren’t properly aerating your natural lawn, water is likely to pool. Luckily, SYNLawn artificial grass has a state-of-the art drainage system that removes water from your lawn quickly and efficiently. Rain, pet waste, and hose water will fall through the turf and disappear almost as soon as it lands. Without the presence of standing water, pests will not be attracted to your area and you will notice a significant difference in the number of unwanted visitors that choose to linger.  

Eliminates the use of pesticides  

Not only does synthetic grass repel pests, but it also eliminates the need for harmful pesticides. Pesticides contain chemicals that could be dangerous for your family and pets to breathe in. Spraying the yard every now and again may be necessary but artificial turf will allow you to lessen the use of chemicals in order to fight off pests. 

Adds to your quality of life 

SYNLawn synthetic grass installation will allow you to enjoy your backyard this summer. You will have a beautiful lawn that requires little to no maintenance, saves you money, keeps your family and pets safe and that keeps away those pesky visitors!  

Create a relaxing environment this season with SYNLawn Kansas City. Contact us today for a consultation!