Environmentally Friendly Lawns

Kansas City Environmentally Friendly Lawns in Kansas City

SyNLawn® Of Kansas City Provides The Most Environmentally Friendly Option For Your Lawn.

Making the switch from natural grass to artificial grass will usually always save you water, but if you’re looking for an artificial turf company that is serious about environmental sustainability in their means of production, manufacturing and installation, SYNLawn® is the brand you can trust. SYNLawn® goes the extra mile to be truly green by working towards environmental responsibility in every level of production, taking measurable steps to create synthetic grass with an extended lifespan that will conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint.

SYNLawn® products are one of the most environmentally friendly options for your artificial grass installation for several reasons, including:

  • Carbon emissions reduction – synthetic grass reduces fuel consumption from lawn equipment.
  • Conserve water – artificial lawns don’t require watering, saving millions of gallons of water a year from being consumed due to lawn irrigation.
  • EnviroLock Backing System – approximately 60-70% green by weight that extends the life of the product by 50%.
  • BioCel technology – an environmentally friendly, soybean oil-based polyurethane is used to coat the artificial grass blades and keep them looking fresher for longer.
  • LEED certified – SYNLawn® helps environmentally conscious builders in accruing LEED points to reach project certification.

Additionally, SYNLawn® recycles all post-consumer waste accumulated in the artificial grass production process and uses it in the production of future artificial grass products to add stability and cushioning to the base. When you buy a SYNLawn® synthetic lawn, you can feel good about buying from a company that’s using and reusing their waste to create a positive environmental impact and reduce landfill overflow.

The greatest environmental advantage that SYNLawn® has over other artificial grass suppliers is that it is the longest lasting, most durable artificial turf on the market. Our artificial lawns are guaranteed to keep their bright, vivid color and natural texture with little to no maintenance, so that you can have the perfect lawn for years without the hassle of replacing it. Plus, we offer packages that will blend seamlessly with your existing trees, shrubs, plants and gardens so that you can have a beautiful, natural looking yard.

Choosing SYNLawn® is choosing a company that incorporates environmental responsibility throughout every level of production and manufacturing. If you feel strongly about reducing your carbon footprint, installing a SYNLawn® artificial lawn is the smartest way to do it.