Blonde Chihuahua  terrier mix lays on pet grass near their orange tennis ballDog owners know the pet is part of the family. That’s why most people don’t think twice about making sure their dog has a comfortable, healthy and safe yard to run about in. Dog owners rejoice – there’s an artificial grass company that has standards just as high as yours when it comes to taking good care of your beloved pet. In fact, SYNLawn Kansas City is the premiere artificial turf provider for residential lawns in Kansas City and offers some of the industry’s most innovative artificial lawns for pets.  Here are a few tips for you to turn your backyard into your dog’s private kingdom (since they pretty much view it that way anyway).

Install Artificial Grass

In addition to the plethora of benefits that artificial turf provides to residential property owners, it’s also a great investment for your dog. Many dogs eat grass, which can cause digestive issues for them. Others love to roll in freshly mowed lawns and track that loose grass into the house, sometimes even turning themselves green in the process. Doing their business also has a tendency to leave brown spots and unpleasant odors in your yard. Then there’s the issue of digging, which many dogs love to do, either to bury things, get under fences or just for the fun of it. Our artificial lawns for pets are designed to stand up to the rigors of canine activities and require far less maintenance than natural grass.

Provide Sufficient Shade

Even in cooler temperatures, it’s important for dogs to have proper shelter from the sun for their lounging. Installing canvas awnings or planting trees with large canopies are great ways to provide shade for your pet and help keep them cool. Doghouses also make for great shelters and, if built properly, can help keep them cool in the summertime and warm in the winter. Just as it’s important to provide shade during the warm seasons, having a nice, cozy place where they can keep warm is just as important. Even when they’re hot or cold, some dogs just love to be outside, so providing comfortable places for them will let them truly enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the seasons

Safe Environment & Boundaries

In the eyes of some dogs, a fence isn’t there to keep them in so much as it is to keep everyone else out of their territory, but there are some dogs who dig under fences to chase after other animals, such as deer and rabbits. Reinforce the base of fences with wire mesh or cement blocks to keep your dog from trying to dig their way out. Some artificial turf offers some extra safety features for a small fee which can also help.

It’s also important to take the plants in your yard into account. If you keep a vegetable garden, make sure you know which food items are harmful to dogs and keep them secured and covered with chicken wire. Apple seeds, fruit pits and tomatoes are commonly found in residential yards and can cause serious digestive problems for dogs, even warranting a trip to the vet. If you choose to plant foliage in your backyard, make sure the bushes you choose are study enough to withstand your dogs running around or through them and are free from barbs, thorns and materials that splinter easily.

Taking care of your pet is important to you and we share your high standards in that respect. That is why our artificial lawns for pets can be found all over Kansas City and surrounding areas. If you’re ready to give your dog the luxury yard they deserve, contact us online or call us at (816) 886-2747 today and get a FREE design consultation!