Close up of a pile of leaves on a lawn.

Artificial Grass Benefits that Homeowners Love

Fall is fast approaching and that means crisp, cool weather, and colorful leaves falling from the trees – right onto your lawn. SYNLawn artificial grass makes it easy to clear leaf piles off your grass and keep your lawn looking pristine throughout the season. Natural lawns usually brown during autumn, but not us. Our synthetic grass withstands changing weather conditions.

There are many benefits to installing artificial grass in preparation for a Kansas City fall. We’ve listed just a few below!


Kansas City sees a substantial amount of rainfall this time of year. Artificial grass won’t be slippery after an autumn shower. Your pets and kids will be able to run around on the grass after a heavy storm without having to worry about puddles. Your house will be free of muddy paws and footprints and you’ll be able to spend more time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Our drainage system removes any moisture from your lawn in minutes. Mold and mildew buildup aren’t a problem because your grass will never be waterlogged.

No raking!

Leaves and other debris will constantly be being blown into your yard this season. Removing that debris is essential, but it can be a pain. Instead of spending hours raking your natural grass, simply use a leaf blower or hose to remove anything resting on your artificial grass. Mowing and other maintenance will also be eliminated with an artificial grass lawn.

Winter preparation will be almost non-existent with synthetic grass since reseeding and fertilizing is never necessary.

No browning!

Colder conditions can cause natural grass to freeze or die off. When grass lies dormant in the cooler months, it tends to shut down and turn brown to conserve water and nutrients. Synthetic grass never fades. The vibrant, lifelike color remains the same all year long, regardless of the weather.

More beauty!

The colors associated with fall are warm, cozy, and beautifully vivid. The emerald green color of your lawn will be the perfect contrast to the reds and golds of the trees and décor that will surround your home. Enjoy the stunning hues of autumn by considering a pristine installation by our artificial grass company.

Make the switch before fall is in full swing. Enjoy a perfectly manicured, lovely looking lawn all season long! Contact us today for a free design consultation.