Preparing your backyard for the summertime is made simple by installing a playground. Your kids will love spending time outdoors in their brand-new play area. Before you look into different playgrounds, make sure you have the right surface installed to keep your children safe! SYNLawn artificial grass is the best option for your outdoor area. We’ve developed the safest, most consistent turf that is designed for all types of playgrounds. These are the top five reasons our synthetic grass is the perfect base for your Kansas City backyard.

1.)  Padding System With Installation

Our playground turf is lined with a Fall Pad® Underlayment System that cushion falls from as high as 10 feet. With SYNLawn artificial grass, you will be able to trust that your kids will be supported while playing in your outdoor area. Our turf is also soft to the touch so scraped knees and cuts won’t be an issue for your children. Alternative options like mulch or gravel will lead to more injuries that otherwise could be avoided with turf!

2.) Temperature Controlled

Since summer is approaching, you want to rest assured that your kids won’t experience any burns while playing outside. Our turf is designed with HeatBlock® Technologies to keep the surface of your grass cool to the touch and comfortable to play on all season long.

3.) Clean Play Area 

Playground artificial grass allows kids to enjoy the great outdoors without tracking it into the house. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf enables your children to play in the backyard without coming back inside with muddy shoes. You’ll also cut down on grass and dirt stains on your kid’s clothing. This will also be helpful to have if you are a pet owner. Your furry friend can roll around to their heart’s content without creating brown patches in the grass or bringing muddy pawprints into your home.

4.) Reduced Maintenance Work

Not only is artificial grass a cleaner option for your yard, but it also decreases the amount of time you’ll have to spend maintaining it. Say goodbye to regular mowing, fertilizing, and treating weeds. Other surface options like wood chips and sand also require more maintenance than artificial turf. Since those materials are easily blown away or misplaced, you’ll need to replace them often. You will also have to rake materials like mulch or sand periodically to prevent them from becoming compacted and uneven. Since artificial grass is one unit, you won’t have to deal with those issues.

5.) Aesthetically Pleasing

SYNLawn artificial grass has the look and feel of natural grass without the need for watering or fertilizing. Artificial turf for playgrounds will allow your children to still feel connected to nature by maintaining the natural aesthetic of the outdoors. It looks very realistic with a similar color and texture as real grass blades.

The benefits of artificial grass for playgrounds are plentiful. Create a safe space for your kids to play and enjoy the outdoors this summer. Contact SYNLawn Kansas City today to get started on your artificial turf project!