Start 2020 on the right foot by installing a synthetic grass lawn. There are so many reasons to make the switch and what better time to renew your outdoor space than the new year? SYNLawn installation will greatly increase the value of your Kansas City home with a state-of-the-art drainage system, durability, and heat block technology. Read why synthetic grass will set you up for success and a stress-free year.

No Maintenance 

The beauty of installing synthetic grass is that no harmful chemicals, mowing, or watering are required for upkeep. Not only will artificial turf make your life a whole lot easier, but it will also keep your family and pets safe from unnecessary, toxic chemicals floating around. Synthetic grass holds up exceptionally well under harsh conditions such as weather and heavy foot traffic so wholes and brown spots won’t be an issue.

Safe for pets 

Maybe you’re planning to adopt a furry friend in the new year, or you already have pets that you love dearly. Our synthetic grass has all the features necessary to assure your pets are safe while playing outside. Since artificial turf never gets waterlogged or muddy, your pets will stay nice and clean and won’t track dirty paws into the house. Pets and fleas won’t be an issue either as artificial grass naturally repels ticks. Our drainage system makes it easy to spray waste away after your pet goes potty. Lastly, our heat block technology allows your pets to roam freely about the yard during any season without burning their little paws!

Beautiful look 

Synthetic grass maintains its stunning, emerald green appearance all year-round. However, our synthetic grass company makes sure your turf looks beautiful and realistic. Our blades are made to look real while never losing their vibrant color. If you are planning to install on areas like rooftops or patios, synthetic grass will elevate the appearance of your living areas by giving them a unique and comfortable feel.

Create the backyard of your dreams with SYNLawn Kansas City. Start 2020 off with a stunning lawn and contact us for a free design consultation!