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Artificial pet turf installations keep Kansas City house pets healthy and happy all year long.

Small black dog lays on artificial dog grass with a yellow tennis ball
Large white terrier mix walks on artificial pet turf at Kansas dog park

SYNLawn of Kansas City is committed to caring for you and your pets. Just like each person is unique, your pets all have individual needs, too. Whether you have an active dog who likes to run around the yard and play fetch, an outdoor cat who occasionally watches you from the trees, or a large parrot that simply likes to bask in the sun, we have artificial pet grass to meet their needs. Our pet turf systems are designed to accommodate all sizes and breeds of animals. Whether you have just one pet or several, we have artificial pet grass options for you.

skc-zerofillThere are several advantages to choosing one of SYNLawn’s realistic artificial grass pet systems over natural grass:

  • Pets stay clean – Mud and dirt stay outside where they belong
  • Pest-free environment – Artificial grass naturally repels fleas and ticks
  • Odor control – Organic Zeolite™ crystals help reduce pet odors by up to 80 percent
  • Green grass security – Eliminate brown lawn spots and digging, even with the most destructive pets
  • Easy to clean – Simply pick up all solid waste and then spray your artificial lawn with water to drain liquid waste
  • Excellent drainage – Liquids drain at a rate of 30-inches per hour, so pets can play outside even after rainfall

SYNLawn of Kansas City’s artificial grass is safe for all animals, including dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits, and even exotic pets like macaws! Our experts will work with you to find the right grass for your pet’s needs. We offer the best quality products in the industry to keep your yard looking green and beautiful year-round – even with heavy pet use.

Many pet owners like to take advantage of our various upgrade options to help get the most out of their new artificial pet turf installation. These packages include organic odor control to help neutralize the smell of pet waste, a security package to guard against dogs that like to dig or chew, and a rodent control package to keep varmints and pests far from your yard. Our upgrades help keep your pets safe, healthy and happy.

Treat your pet to the best artificial grass in the industry! Call 816-886-2747 or complete our contact form today to learn more about realistic looking artificial pet grass options we have to offer. Your pets will thank you!

Our Pet Turf Products

SYNLawn Pet Platinum

SKU: SR251_Pets | Total Weight: 83 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn Pet Platinum

SYNLawn Pet Platinum is the ultimate artificial pet grass for animals of all shapes and sizes. Designed for maximum drainage, lasting durability and low surface temperatures using 100% Nylon fibers with our exclusive HeatBlock Technology in a combination of colors for realistic beauty that lasts. Class 1 Fire Rated for added safety.

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SYNLawn Pet Platinum Reviews

We have a small fenced in area specifcally for our two dogs. The natural grass was a mess - mostly just patches of mud. We had our SYNRye 250 installed last Fall and have been grateful every day that we did. During this past hard winter, it has worked out great. When we have light snow flurries, the snow tends to melt on the SynLawn which is helpful. We are very satisfied so far with our purchase.
Author: Hunterwoman

I can't believe I didn't do this years ago! My dog has been making it so hard to keep my lawn looking good that I finally decided to try this and could not be happier. The crew did a great job and now we are all happy!
Author: chellebelle123

Ever since he was a puppy my Snoopy has been tearing up the backyard, digging under the fence. It's to the point where there was hardly any grass left. He's not a bad dog, just a very active one. By some stroke of luck I discovered synlawn and I'm so glad we put replaced our dirt (with a side of grass) with a big green lawn that looks amazing. Topping it all off Snoopy can't dig through it, tear it up or get under the fence any more, in fact, he doesn't even try. Now we're able to spend more time playing together and we couldn't be more happy with our new backyard!
Author: Mander

I've had and cared for the product for a almost a year. I have two dogs who mostly stay in the house. The product isn't holding up all that well. "Blades" keep coming out,and it is lifting in places. The specific product I purchased was the recommendation of the salesperson after I spent time describing my needs. The installation was done by SYNLawn. I spent just under $7000 for a 15x25 area.and well again, it's less than a year old.
Author: LLD1

We've had the lawn for about a year and the Rye 250 is nice and soft for artificial grass. We live in Las Vegas and even though it is heat resistant you can't walk barefoot on it in the middle of summer. That's my only complaint but we the use the yard every day. We also put in a putting green and the kids love it and always want me to putt. It is a little harsher to lay/play on but lots of fun.
Author: JackNJonahsDad

SYNLawn Pet Premium

SKU: ST354_Pets | Total Weight: 104 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn Pet Premium

SYNLawn Pet Premium is a superior performer in comfort and durability for your pets. Using durable, multi-colored 'Omega' shaped grass blades with HeatBlock Technology for low surface temperatures in a combination of colors for a lasting natural appearance. Recommended for pet play and agility areas for animals of all shapes and sizes.

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SYNBermuda 214

SKU: SD214 | Total Weight: 60 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNBermuda 214

SYNBermuda 214 combines SYNLawn's HeatBlock Technology and EnviroLoc backing to lower surface temperatures and ‘lock' in turf fibers with superior nylon grass blade construction. This artificial grass is ideal for high foot traffic and works well for the most demanding applications including children's playgrounds and pet training areas. Also recommended for Rooftops, decks and golf fringe areas.

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SYNBermuda 214 Reviews

Years ago I contemplated getting an artificial lawn, but they were so cheap looking and felt the same way. Now I own one and am the talk of the neighborhood. It cleans up quick and looks good year round. one of the better choices i made, and the installation went off without a hitch. it looks the same as the day it was installed.
Author: Fishy

We have had our product for about a year. It cleans up with water and we vacuum it often. The color is good, the feel great. We use it in 1/4 of a water conservative landscape and it is under our 'meditation' tent. We so totally love this product.
Author: bakoparadise

I purchase this approximately 4 months ago and the appearance of the grass looks so real and made a huge difference on my front yard.
Author: Rudy26

wanted yard with no maintenance. Synthetic lawn came out great. Looks awesome, clean looking. Bob Miranda explained everything well, and installation crew were professional and efficient.
Author: johnotto

Crew was great and explained care very well. wonderful job installing.
Author: Anthony

We love are new lawn and so due are three dogs. the lawn is beautiful and the price cant be beat. the product we purchase was pet friendly no more urine smell on hot summer days. love lawn so much recommended to friends and they purchased as well. one year and lawn looks brand. just proves you don't have to spend 12,000 dollars to have great lawn. thank you SYNLawn
Author: JJ44

SYNTipede 354

SKU: ST354_Pets | Total Weight: 104 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNTipede 354

SYNTipede 354 is the ultimate in hybrid synthetic grass technology. This cutting-edge artificial grass product incorporates the latest technology in every aspect of design and manufacturing combining beautiful multi-colored 'Omega' shaped grass blades with our exclusive HeatBlock Technology for superior strength and lower surface temperatures.

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SYNTipede 354 Reviews

We have had our product now for over a month, and I am unbelievably happy with it. I was hesitant to splurge on this product for our dog run, but after quite a bit of consideration and research into other options, we went for it!! My dogs are so happy, and more importantly.... NO MORE MUD IN THE HOUSE!!!! I can let the dogs use the doggy door as they please without worrying about the weather! I have one particularly naughty puppy, so I was not sure that it would hold up to his digging tendencies, but the install is so thorough that he hasn't even tried to mess with it.
Author: MSchippers

Blaine McQuown provided good information relating to the product and the install was completed on time and in a very professional manner.
Author: Zink

We have purchased this model turf for 4 straight years to cover our rooftop club. Great versatility and aesthetically ideal, especially for a large 3,600 sq/ft space.
Author: brian

SYNTipede 214

SKU: ST214 | Total Weight: 88 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNTipede 214

SYNTipede 214 is a revolutionary artificial grass product incorporating dense, multi-color turf fibers and thatch for added strength and resiliency. Manufactured using advanced 'Omega' shaped grass blades with HeatBlock Technology for low surface temperatures, for added comfort in any season. Recommended for heavy foot traffic.

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SYNTipede 214 Reviews

This was purchased to go around a pool project we were building. Our customer was extremely pleased with your product.
Author: John3564

SYNLawn was installed at my office location seven months ago. There is a lot of foot traffic at my corner location. The product has maintained its appearance. I hear many compliments from folks passing by as well as from my patients. Needless to say, my water and maintenance bills have plummeted to zero since installation!
Author: GBCOD