Artificial Vs. Natural Grass: What Are the Differences?

Kansas City backyard with artificial turf and a pool

Maintaining a yard with a synthetic grass lawn and maintaining a yard with a natural grass lawn are two very different ball games. There are many differences between natural and synthetic grass when it comes to look, feel, cost, safety, and maintenance. We’re breaking down the pros and cons of each in this blog. Read on to learn which route is best for you and your outdoor area!


Natural grass is quite labor intensive as far as keeping your lawn alive and well. Your grass will need these major components year-round:

  • Watering
  • Mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Fighting weeds
  • Fighting pests
  • Fighting disease
  • De-thatching

Since synthetic grass does not need to be watered, trimmed, or weeded, the only maintenance you will have to worry about is occasionally hosing off debris or fluffing a few blades if they fall flat.

Look & feel: 

Having a lawn that you feel comfortable on and proud of is a vital part of deciding to go one way or the other. Natural grass will always be soft and comfortable to sit on, but it tends to dawn brown patches and bald spots as the weather changes and as your lawn endures heavy foot traffic, pets, and furniture.

There are misconceptions that artificial grass is not soft the touch, but we are here to squash that rumor. SYNLawn Kansas City grass has a natural look and feel that will be enjoyable for the whole family and for your furry friends to spend time on. Not to mention that synthetic grass will never turn brown or break under pressure. Our turf is designed to withstand harsh conditions and to remain a stunning, emerald green color no matter the season.


Keeping your family safe is always the number one priority when considering the design of your outdoor space. If you are considering setting up a playground for the kiddos, synthetic turf is the recommended surface. We offer a padded infill that will cushion falls up to 10 feet. Natural grass may provide some softness, but there is no guarantee that your kids will always be supported when playing outside.

The release of harmful chemicals and toxins is another factor that you won’t have to worry about when installing synthetic grass. Natural grass upkeep requires fertilizers and pesticides that may be harmful to your family to be breathing in. Choosing artificial grass will eliminate the need for any chemicals to be floating around since our turf is maintenance-free.


Water bills can be sky-high when having to water a vast lawn in the summertime. What if you could cut that price down significantly by only having to hose off your lawn occasionally? With artificial grass, you will be able to save a significant amount on outdoor maintenance in general.

Make the right decision for your yard and your family! Contact SYNLawn Kansas City today to request a free design consultation.